Group Sculpture Show at EC Seaport Village!

During the last weekend in January, EC Gallery hosted the Group Sculpture Show! David Bruce was a major highlight displaying several of his incredible frog sculptures. Having had the chance to speak with David personally about the inspiration behind his animated and enduring frog collection, he explained that he chose frogs because they represent a healthy and stable environment. All of the frogs’ poses were inspired by friends or family. He has frogs that read, dance and even meditate. Bruce practices yoga every morning, and feels it is a powerful contribution to his happiness and peace in life.
David’s frogs certainly were not lonely at the show, as they were accompanied by many other beautiful sculptures as well! EC provided a garden of breathtaking Tuan sculptures, which truly must be seen in person to fully appreciate. Each one of Tuan’s bronze creations is a celebration of the human spirit and life. We are at once filled with a feeling of tranquility and peace when viewing the graceful curves and impeccable composition of each of Tuan’s creations. Most recently, Tuan just finished a 15-foot Vietnam War Memorial for the city of Westminister, California. His work has been exhibited throughout Southern California including the Bowers Museum, Pasadena Museum of Art, and the MOCA Museum. Additionally, Tuan’s sculptures have been slated for the permanent collection at the White House in Washington, D.C.
Staying with the sculpture theme, Loet Vanderveen had an entire table of his sleek, enchanting cats on display. A native of Holland, Vanderveen grew up very close to a zoo where he spent much of his free time and where he fell in love with the animals. It was not until much later into his adult life that he was able to attain private training in ceramics for several years, which led to his creations he makes today. His unique style is appreciated by collectors worldwide.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on February 16, 2010.

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