A Successful Pairing of Art & Food

Art and Food

Christopher M.

Christopher M.

Christopher M.

Christopher M.

February ended on a delicious high note for EC Gallery and lovers of the culinary arts. Christopher M., “The Painter of Chefs”, unveiled several brand new originals — it was a smashing success!

Having had the chance to speak with Christopher and get his personal perspective on how he feels about his most recent body of work, it’s quite clear that he is not an artist consumed with himself. In fact, Christopher explained that he does not consider any of his paintings truly complete until they are framed and in someone’s home. This is all part of his plan to accomplish “synchronicity.”

He draws a parallel between wine pairing with an exquisite meal and art that compliments and enriches a person’s home. He explains, “Sometimes 2+2=5. This happens when the culmination of individual parts is greater than the whole. The painting should pair with a collector’s life and home just the same way that a wine would pair with a meal.”

Mr. Douglas Hill, Founder and Owner of Hill Family Estates Vineyards, was also in attendance. Christopher recently embarked on a 3-day tour of the Napa Valley, meeting some of the most talented and celebrated winemaking legends of our time, including Douglas. At the show, Christopher completed a special drawing just for him and presented it as a surprise.

In early April, Christopher will be jetting off to Atlanta to work with Chef Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill (who also recently came in third on BRAVO TV’s acclaimed “Top Chef”)! Keep your eyes open for more of Christopher’s work to come!

It’s difficult to view Christoper’s work and not feel the flurry of emotions that is presented in each dramatic scene. When viewing Christopher’s pieces, one is often reminded of the joyful feelings that are experienced when sitting down to a lovely meal with close friends and family. EC Gallery is thrilled to have wrapped up yet another exceptional presentation of beautiful, original works from this talented artist. Come see us again soon! We are located at Fashion Valley, the Historic Gaslamp Quarter on 5th and Market, and Seaport Village!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on March 16, 2010.

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