Guests got "Lost in Venice" with Steven Quartly

Steven Quartly charmed our collectors with his most recent series of paintings, entitled “Lost in Venice”. In what may very well have been some his best work to date, the evening commenced as Venetian opera masks were handed out upon entering the show. The Italian themed food and Chianti were displayed with a dramatic old-world backdrop, and two Italian opera singers performed live to heighten the overall experience. Steven Quartly was in the center of the gallery and painted a stunning and quite large Venetian scene as guests watched on. As we witnessed him place the color on canvas with effortless ease, he spoke about the composition and the importance of light. He also shared with us his remembrance of traveling to Venice and how much joy it brought him to capture it again through that particular piece of work. Not surprisingly, it was sold almost immediately!

All who were there to experience this special show at EC Gallery had the rare opportunity to become lost themselves… lost in the beauty of the canvases, lost in the surrounding voices of Italian opera singers, and finally, lost in the overall emotion of the weekend.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on April 8, 2010.

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