Hisashi Otsuka Returns to San Diego in 2011

EC Gallery has been proud to host many artist appearances and shows this year in 2010.  It is only fitting, therefore, that 2011 may begin with one of the most talented and revered artists of our time: Hisashi Otsuka.

Hisashi Otsuka’s artistic reputation precedes him, for no one else renders their artwork with quite as much fastidious attention to detail. Born in Japan and trained under the Kimono designer Taeko Jo, Otsuka moved to Hawaii to become a professional artist, and now lives in Paris many years later with an established career as one of the finest painters of our time.

Hisashi Otsuka 47 Ronin

Otsuka’s traditional paintings focus upon Japanese bride kimono design, decorative fan design, and historically themed images from Kabuki theatre. Paintings such as 47 Ronin – The Ultimate Vision depict an ancient revenge story. Although Otsuka’s paintings need no supplement, you can find Donald Keene’s translation of of the story, Chūshingura (The treasury of Loyal Retainers) available to preview on Google Books: http://books.google.com/booksid=lu198sIduS0C&lpg=PP1&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false.

It may be easy to consider Otsuka’s art as strictly Japanese, but his vision expands beyond the horizon of traditional styles to include his broader life experiences. Hisashi Otsuka explores various genres, styles, and media, from the traditional Kabuki figures, to modernist Art Deco themes, to landscapes in minute detail. In doing so, he merely proves his fundamental artistic and social sensibility. Like many Americans, Otsuka’s influences are derived from a variety of scenes, an accumulation of images of both Eastern and Western cultures. He depicts what he finds to be beautiful, and in doing so, appeals to those who share his vision. What sets him apart in this aspect, however, is the undeniable discipline of his former training with which he executes his talented paintings. In his newest collection of works, his crisp landscapes convey his appreciation for travel, nature, and observation.

Otsuka landscape painting

Otsuka holds a special relationship with Exclusive Collections Gallery as the one artist with whom the gallery has worked the longest. It is truly an honor to welcome him back to San Diego and learn from him as he unveils his latest body of work. Experience his legendary paintings at Fashion Valley Gallery, January 1st from 6-9pm and January 2nd from 12-5pm. RSVP at PR@ecgallery.com or call (800) 599-7111.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on December 21, 2010.

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