Come Paint With Me: Masterpiece Monday

The New Year is bringing many exciting events to EC Gallery, and we were very happy to begin 2011 with the perfect opportunity to get to know our artists: Masterpiece Mondays. Designed as a way to extend the weekend just a little longer, Masterpiece Mondays provides the opportunity for gallery visitors to roll up their sleeves and paint with the expertise of a professional artist at hand. At our opening event this past Monday evening, January 3rd, our visitors found out what it is like to pick up a brush and got to know the minds and hearts behind the canvas.

As a group, consultants, artists, collectors, and passers-by collaborated with the hosting artist at each gallery to create an original work of art.

EC Seaport Village Gallery with Daniel Ryan

In Seaport Village, Daniel Ryan set up a still life vase and invited others up to the Artist Stage to help him make the bright yellow sunflowers really come to life on the canvas. Visitors enjoyed appetizers and drinks throughout the night, courtesy of EC Gallery.

EC Fashion Valley Gallery with Christopher M.

Shoppers at Fashion Valley Mall on Monday were pleased to stop in at Exclusive Collections Gallery and have a hand in making a one-of-a-kind work of art in collaboration with “Painter of Chefs” artist Christopher M. He helped the gallery guests with a beautiful painting depicting wine bottles and glasses. Cheers!

EC Historic Gaslamp Gallery with Michael Summers

The bustling Gaslamp District brought shoppers, diners, and budding artists to EC Gaslamp Gallery’s inviting easel. Michael Summers showed us how to have fun and stay young with art, helping us paint a scene of elephants, dinosaurs, and pirates.

At the end of the night, everyone signed the canvas and each gallery location hosted a drawing to decide who got to take the painting home. Congratulations to the three who won this month! To participate in any future Masterpiece Mondays, visit any of our three galleries on the first day of each month from 6-8pm. Bring your friends and family! | | (800) 599-7111

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on January 6, 2011.

One Response to “Come Paint With Me: Masterpiece Monday”

  1. It was really fun! I hope to see it grow into one of the best events in san Diego!

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