Thank You for Painting, Michael Flohr!

Michael Flohr

It is always so much fun when Michael Flohr comes to paint and hang out at Exclusive Collections Gallery!

On Saturday night, January 15th, Michael was able to finish an original that he had been working on, entitled “Tribute to Bravery.” This painting actually started out as a contest.  Michael did not know what he should paint, so he asked his collectors to choose a subject. The topic of the Twin Towers came about and was chosen! The collector who suggested the idea is an airline pilot who flies out of JFK in New York. Everyday he would drive accross the Verrizanno Bridge on his way to the airport and would see the World Trade Centers, towering over the city. After 9-11, there was a void in the city that many people could feel in thier own lives. Our collector wanted this painting as a remembrance. It was Michael’s first piece depicting the World Trade Centers, which reminded us all how the strength of the American people still stands almost ten years later.

Michael Flohr

On Wednesday night, January 19th, Michael came to the EC Gallery in Gaslamp again for the Gaslamp Quarter Locals and Lifestyle Tour.

Michael Flohr

He started a new mini original of the Museum of Man and tower at Balboa Park. When he started, his canvas was completely red! He then uses many layers in his technique, but will scratch out certain areas where he wants that bright red to show through. It was so amazing! That original is not yet finished, but it already looks wonderful!

Michael Flohr

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