Steven Quartly’s “Calitopia”

Here at EC Galleries, we appreciate our collectors. Our annual artist shows provide our collectors with the unique opportunity to experience the passion and fun of the art world while getting to know our artists on a more personal level.

On the weekend of March 10-11, collectors, employees, and art enthusiasts alike gathered together at EC Seaport Village Gallery to share in the beauty of the Golden State depicted in Steven Quartly’s newest original oil paintings. This exhibition of artwork entitled, “Calitopia” explores the relationship of home for the artist and portrays Quartly’s view of California as a utopia.

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From Coronado Breeze to Rendezvous in Catalina to Bayside Escape, Quartly takes his audience on an unforgettable and incomparable trip up the length of the state making many familiar stops along the way. He captivates his audience with his contemporary style interwoven with experimentation of impressionist strokes. Quartly’s use of color is impeccable. His pallete is a gentle mixture of warm and cool hues that help to create the alluring atmosphere of a recognizable memory. Any Californian, or rather anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit California, can immediately return to the feeling of awe and inspiration that these magnificent places evoke.

In sharp contrast against the backdrop of his beautifully detailed paintings, Steven Quartly stood in front of his admirers and discussed his inspiration behind each piece. His enthusiasm for his work and the intrigue of the audience caused his voice to radiate throughout the gallery while all eyes remained fixated on the reason for the event: the art. The show continued with personal dedications to collectors followed by numerous photo opportunities. Steven Quartly’s show was such a success because he truly cares about his collectors! He “wowed” the audience when he announced the release of his two newest limited edition prints, A Day in Venezia and Colors of Paradise! If you weren’t able to attend Steven Quartly’s show be sure to check out his amazing “Calitopia” originals under the New Art section of the EC Gallery website! Quartly’s talent and upbeat demeanor truly make him an exceptional artist.

Steven Quartly and the EC Family!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on March 14, 2012.

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