Tree of Life with Daniel Ryan

April has been a very busy month here at Exclusive Collections Galleries! On April 14th and 15th, EC Historic Gaslamp Gallery was very proud to host one of our favorite artists for his debut one-man show: artist Daniel Ryan.

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Originally born in Maine, Daniel Ryan moved out to San Diego at a young age. Throughout the years, he has immersed himself in the inspiring beauty that San Diego’s natural landscape provides, and subsequently earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Diego State University.

Daniel Ryan has shown his paintings through Exclusive Collections Galleries in San Diego and Las Vegas, their annual Miniature Show, at San Diego’s ArtWalk Festivals. Through the many years of dedication to his painting, he has very recently earned representation through Crown Thorn Publishing, the same publishing company that represents Today’s Top Artists Asencio, Michael Flohr, and Christopher M.

For his first show, Daniel Ryan combined the best elements of his painting process. His “Tree of Life” series elaborates upon others’ response to art and the power of the external world on our internal contemplations.

“The inspiration for this collection came from wanting to investigate the way an image and the idea behind that image stimulate the viewer’s imagination and memory. Just like the way the Tree Of Life has a different meaning depending on the culture that believes in it, I encourage my viewers to use my work to create their own philosophy behind the power of the tree.”

Indeed, Daniel Ryan’s work resonates with many people from all walks of life. In light of Earth Day on April 22, 2012, Daniel Ryan’s miniature edition of his painting Celestial Spring were placed in the hands of 25 earth-conscious celebrities  – from Leonardo DiCaprio to Drew Barrymore – for their annual “Earth Day in Hollywood” swag bags.

Daniel Ryan Show 2012

In truth, Ryan’s progression as an artist thrives regardless of celebrity recognition. His focus, as always, has been to his art and to the collectors that he meets along the way. People are drawn to his down-to-earth personality and the focus and attention that he pours into each of his carefully-constructed masterpieces.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on April 25, 2012.

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