The Best of the Best at the Marine Room

EC Galleries, we feel that it is important to enjoy the finer things in life from time to time. Our bodies and souls are refreshed from beautiful food, wine, art, and great company. In the spirit of such endeavors, Exclusive Collections Gallery united the best works of art and their creators in one spectacular event.

Best of the Best at the Marine Room

Named the Best of the Best, this elegant gala was held at The Marine Room on Thursday, April 19th. The event was hosted by The Marine Room’s lauded chefs, Executive Chef Bernard Guillas and Chef de Cuisine Ron Oliver (authors of Flying Pans – Two Chefs One World). Together they built a custom menu for EC Galleries’ art collectors as an homage to the arts and the finest artists of our time, complete with wine pairings introduced by Advanced Sommelier Lisa Redwine that accent and enhance each extravagant course.

Amidst the extraordinary surroundings of the Marine Room, La Jolla Cove’s gentle tide crashing just outside the restaurant facade, EC installed a temporary art gallery of never-before-seen original paintings by Today’s Top Artists. Original paintings by Henry Asencio, Michael Flohr, Christopher M., and Master Royo, as well as a special selection of Tuan sculpture, transformed the Marine Room terrace.

Best of the Best at the Marine Room

Each work of art, as well as each course of the meal, was created from the inspiration of a particular color. Chef Bernard Guillas described it as “our way to design edible art.”

First course (inspired by the color green):

Original Royo Painting

  • Lemon Verbena Kurobuta Pork Lomo, Green Apple Pâte de Fruit, Pickled Beet, Mâche, Mustard Oil and a Vella Dry Jack Minus 8 Reduction.
  • 09 Riesling, Weingut Binz, Kabinett, Trocken, Nackenheimer, Rheinhessen
  • Royo, Dos Pinos. Depicting a pair of pine trees in the Mediterranean-inspired locale of Royo’s Spain, we can make a connection to La Jolla’s very own Torrey Pines, located not far from the Marine Room.

Second course (inspired by the color white):

Original Henry Asencio Painting

  • Diver Scallop, Vanilla Lobster, Halibut Sashimi, Watercress, Uni Vinaigrette
  • 08 Chardonnay, Patrick Piuze, Terroir de Chichée, Burgundy, France
  • Asencio, In The Light. True to his philosophy of Solace in the Midst of Chaos, the color white is a powerful force of calm and positivity in a world of chaos. Asencio’s use of white enhances a feeling of being drenched in light.
Third course (inspired by the color purple):
Original Christopher M. Painting
  • Sonrise Farm Filet Mignon, Hibiscus Dukkah, Charred Eggplant, Okinawa Purple Potato, Port Mountain Berry Gastrique
  • 07 Shiraz, Taltarni, Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia
  • Christopher M., The Vintage Reds. “In this painting, what I find very appropriate is the symbolism of the color purple because as we all know, I’m sure, the color purple has traditionally represented royalty, and has always represented those things that are most expensive and finest in life, which, in the past years, in former eras, were reserved for kings, princes, dukes, and other forms of aristocracy. […] It’s a good reminder for us to really enjoy our evening and appreciate the wonderful artistry that we have and the magnificent, highly trained chefs, just knowing that this is the type of experience that we could only have at this time, at this place, in our lives…”  -Christopher M.

Fourth Course (inspired by the color red):

Original Michael Flohr Painting

  • Maltese Orange Pot De Crème, Cactus Pear Espelette Sorbet, Pomegranate Rose Petal Tart
  • Rumeni Muškat, Kuplgen, Ljutomersko Ormoški, Slovenia
  • Michael Flohr, Historic Gaslamp. Often discussed and, until now, not yet painted by Michael Flohr, the Historic Gaslamp District’s iconic archway makes the perfect inspiration for artist Michael Flohr. Red has always been one of his favorite colors, using it in his common motifs of the red dress or the red umbrella. In this case, the red sign on the archway unites the hints of red in Fifth Avenue’s awnings, off of the reflections in the street, and the passersby enjoying a night out.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on May 3, 2012.

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