Living the Good Life with Steve Barton

“Lose Yourself”

Have you ever been on a vacation that made you never want to leave?

Artist Steve Barton has captured an oasis of sandy beaches, gentle water, and sun-kissed foliage in his latest collection of work entitled “Living the Good Life”. Most people work so hard that they forget to take the time to stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate the beautiful environment that surrounds them. Barton’s oil paintings, with their depictions of quaint coastal villas and beach dwellings, tropical gardens, and serene waters remind us to relax and “live the good life.”

Barton’s show on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th was fittingly held at Exclusive Collections Seaport Village Gallery, adjacent to San Diego Bay. Admirers gathered to soak up the vibrant colors, broad painterly strokes, high contrast and bold outlines that have come to define his work. These qualities contribute towards the dreamlike state that relaxing tropical hideaways evoke.

Barton’s magnificent paintings sweep the viewer away to a beautiful garden by the sea somewhere thought to only exist in the imagination. His painting style is peaceful yet magically loud in bold and vivacious color. It’s easy to be “Living the Good Life” in such a spectacular paradise.

“Beautiful Beginnings”

On Saturday, Walfrido Garcia (known in the art world as simply Walfrido) made a guest appearance to support Steve Barton as his longtime friend and colleague. Fascinated by similar subject matter yet portrayed with entirely different approaches, Barton and Walfrido have toured together nationally and internationally to introduce collectors to each other’s work. In this collection as well as in the past, they have collaborated to create even more stunning masterpieces on the same canvas.

Walfrido’s impeccable use of light paired with Barton’s dynamic and charismatic painting style come together to create a breathtaking harmony of a subject that hits close to home for both artists. Walfrido and Barton each have a deep connection to the ocean and a life of admiration towards it. Walfrido, a Hawaiian native, depicts his love of the coast with strong attention to detail, lending to his “Romantic Realist” style. Barton, residing in Oceanside, CA, takes on his landscapes with a more painterly aspect to demonstrate the coastline inspiration.

“Island Dreams”

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on May 30, 2012.

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