Michael Flohr’s “Luck be a Lady”

On Friday and Saturday, June 22 and 23, 2012, Exclusive Collections Gallery in San Diego’s Seaport Village celebrated Michael Flohr’s annual show. This year, Flohr took on the theme of “luck” as inspiration for his new collection of original oil paintings. With the new artwork hanging on the gallery walls the Wednesday before, Flohr’s paintings began to find homes, with the show almost selling out before opening night!

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David Patrone

Guests tried their luck at the blackjack and roulette tables, winning tickets for the raffle of Michael Flohr’s Limited Edition Collector’s Book (City Expressions, a $650 value). The show had two winners, one on Friday night and the other on Saturday night. They were also provided the exciting  opportunity to hear the live jazz vocals of singer David Patrone, as he led the crowd in Frank Sinatra’s classic, “Luck be a Lady”.

Michael Flohr, a San Diego native, surrounded himself with supportive family, new and old friends alike, and shared his gratitude with all for their patronage that has allowed him to be such a prolific artist.

Upon the recent passing away of one of Michael Flohr’s greatest artistic inspirations, Flohr created a painting of Leroy Neiman, and even dedicated the show to him. Flohr and Neiman parallel each other in many ways, including their ability to depict a broad range of subject matter while maintaining a very identifiable style. The day before the show, Michael Flohr usually creates a small oil sketch as a way to relax and wind down; this portrait of Leroy Neiman was the perfect exercise for that day and a perfect way to commemorate a painting idol.

Michael Flohr Leroy Neiman Michael Flohr, Leroy Neiman Portrait

In the center of the floor and the subject of great excitement resided a veiled painting on the Artist’s Stage. Michael Flohr was very proud to announce the release of his newest Fine Art Limited Edition painting: Historic Gaslamp. This long-awaited portrayal of Flohr’s native San Diego has finally made its way to the center stage. Flohr captures the view of the Gaslamp Quarter’s bright archway from the direction of the Convention Center, gazing up Fifth Avenue from the sea.

Michael Flohr, Historic Gaslamp (Fine Art Limited Edition)

For more photographs from Michael Flohr’s Show, visit EC Gallery’s Facebook Page!

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