Asencio Studies the Power of Red in “Visions in Crimson”

Henry Asencio

On the weekend of August 24-26, Exclusive Collections Galleries and master figurative painter Henry Asencio hosted an elegant and spectacular event suitably entitled, “Visions in Crimson”. The EC Seaport Village Gallery provided the perfect venue for a lavish red carpet extravaganza with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, live music and, as always, exquisite art!

Asencio Visions in Crimson

Asencio’s latest collection of work observed the broad tonal range of crimson and the various demeanors that the color’s study conjures. He demonstrated his renowned style of finding “solace in the midst of chaos” by combining both classic and abstract techniques acquired throughout his education and career. Allure, a dynamic work created for the show, superbly displayed the energy associated with this bold color.  Joie de Vivre, another of Asencio’s inspiring pieces, elicited softer vibes, playing off the color’s romantic associations.

Henry AsencioGuests fed their cultural appetite through all of their senses. Amazed eyes fell upon each piece to stimulate both the mind and soul; the delicious hor d’oeuvres satisfied the stomach, and the beautiful flamenco music by guitarist Marco Alejandro gracefully reached the ears. There was palpable excitement for Asencio’s conceptual explanation and the long-awaited unveiling of his latest fine art limited edition, Fire. At last it came, a gentle clinking of a champagne glass by gallery owner, James Thorn, led all to converge around the Artists’ Stage for a brief speech by Asencio and the grand unveiling. The fierce and flirty crimson-haired woman in an elegant, ornate frame left bystanders’ awe-struck. Collectors welcomed the opportunity to bring something entirely different into their collections.

"Fire" by Asencio

Asencio explicated that what made Fire so special was not only that it was a new limited edition to collectors, but also that it was new in its approach. The piece was rendered by adding impressionist qualities to his already realistic and abstract style. He elongated proportions instead of realistically representing them to create a unified movement within the painting. The artist’s clever technique granted the illusion that the figure is never quite standing still. Asencio’s abstract brushstrokes on the female figure were balanced by a smooth azure backdrop inspired from the waters of Morro Bay, a significant place to this Californian artist. The eventful night carried on with more food and wine, intimate talks with the artist, and collectors heatedly expanding their gallant collections. Those at Seaport Village that happened to stroll by the gallery were immediately drawn to the energy within.

If you happened to miss this extravagant artist show, don’t worry! Asencio is already hard at work creating an entirely new collection of work for his upcoming exhibition in Las Vegas, NV at EC Gallery’s Forum Shops location on the weekend of November 23-25!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on September 21, 2012.

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