Daniel Merriam, “Taking Reality By Surprise”

Daniel Merriam painting, "At the End of My Rope"

Once a year, Exclusive Collections Gallery has the privilege to host artist Daniel Merriam for an entire weekend. This year, with the opening of a new EC Gallery in Las Vegas, Merriam extended his exhibition from San Diego to The Forum Shops at Caesars for Halloween weekend!

Daniel Merriam “Taking Reality By Surprise” in San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp started off on Friday night with a boisterous crowd excited by the rare appearance of such a notable artist. In order to set the mood for the evening’s festivities, gallery guests were encouraged to “dress to impress” in imitation of their favorite Daniel Merriam paintings, such as Madame Blanche, Dress Rehearsal and even Center Stage!

The next weekend, Daniel Merriam caught a flight to Las Vegas, NV to bring the excitement out to The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace!

Daniel Merriam at Exclusive Collections Galleries in Las Vegas

Daniel Merriam Show 2012

Merriam’s beautiful new collection of new original paintings touches on themes of fantasy, history, performance, and personality. His uniquely intricate style allows the artist to play upon timeless themes and reinterpret their significance in contemporary society. This style, in combination with the amount of detail, precision, and invention that Merriam pours into each masterpiece, creates works of art that engage the imagination and blend the lines between reality and fantasy.

Daniel Merriam Visits Exclusive Collections Gallery

Daniel Merriam had the opportunity to meet with fans and personally dedicate his art books, Eye of a Dreamer and Taking Reality By Surprise.

Daniel Merriam at Exclusive Collections Gallery

Daniel Merriam at The Forum Shops in Las Vegas

Until next year, Daniel Merriam!

In addition to the beautiful original paintings for his show, Merriam has painted a selection of miniature works for the 6th Annual Miniature Show. Be sure to join us this weekend to see his and the works of 12 other amazing artists!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on November 2, 2012.

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  1. I Love Madame Blanche

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