Exclusive Collections Gallery 6th Annual Miniature Show

6th Annual Miniature Show


One of the most entertaining shows of the year, Exclusive Collections Galleries’ 6th Annual Miniature Show brought together a multitude of exceptional artists for two remarkable weekends: November 2-4 in San Diego at EC Seaport Village Gallery location, followed by November 9-11 in Laguna Beach at EC Laguna Beach Gallery location. The 13 artists that contributed to the event had a vast variety of miniature paintings to choose from, each consistent with their own unique style. Henry Asencio, Steve Barton, Nan Coffey, Michael Flohr, Walfrido Garcia, Gloria Lee, Christopher M., Daniel Merriam, Anne Nye, Hisashi Otsuka, Daniel Ryan, Michael Summers, and Dale TerBush welcomed enthusiastically the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Miniature Show.

Michael Summers Miniature ShowMiniature paintings have many great attributes because of their size. The gallery walls were able to display all of them simultaneously, which attracted many different types of collectors. Collectors desire these small works as a way to break into the original paintings market, to retain some space on their walls for other larger pieces at a later time, to fill smaller walls that they may have overlooked, to give to friends and loved ones as gifts, and most importantly because they can collect more than one for an affordable price!

The 6th Annual Miniature Show had something for everyone. Artists, collectors, art consultants, gallery owners, and all others who attended the show witnessed the creative genius that these artists have and continue to develop over the course of their careers. Along with taking advantage of the appetizers and refreshments, attendees were encouraged to discuss, compare, and purchase miniatures from any of the artists (even if they had never collected from that particular artist before). Collectors at the Miniature Show had the rare opportunity to meet any of the artists and personally connect with them and their beautiful paintings.

Asencio 2012 Mini Show

Before the end of the Miniature Show, gallery owners James and Ruth-Ann Thorn gathered everyone in the gallery together, and after a brief introduction gave the floor over to the artists. Each artist articulated their appreciation for EC Galleries hosting the event and contributed their insight into their paintings’ inspiration. The audience was amazed at the admiration and gratitude that the artists had for one another as well as gallery owners and their patrons.

Miniature Show 2012

The aspect of this event that makes it one of the most entertaining shows of the year is that the artists truly push themselves to see what they are capable of in these scaled down masterpieces. Due to working on canvases that are usually no larger than 8” x 10”, the artists were able to spend less time on the overall composition and put their focus into the minute details. They saw the Miniature Show as a perfect opportunity to explore some of their new ideas which may lead to larger canvases in the future. Collectors receive the privilege of these one of a kind explorations in a “cute” and convenient package.

EC Gallery Miniature Show 2012

If you didn’t make it this year to the show in San Diego or Laguna Beach, we hope that you join us next year for what is sure to be another spectacular event, The 7th Annual Miniature Show!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on November 20, 2012.

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