Henry Asencio, “Essence of Woman”

Henry Asencio, "Essence of Woman"
For over a decade, contemporary master Henry Asencio has dedicated his artistic pursuits to exploring the identity and essence of women all over the world. Capturing the woman’s physical appearance through realism, and her aura and personality through abstraction, Asencio finds the female form a solace in the midst of a chaotic world.
Henry Asencio, "Essence of Woman"

Asencio identifies the individual characteristics of his models and female inspirations: femininity, serenity, fierceness, timidity, boldness, strength, emotion, sensuality. Rather than defining Woman in one simple painting, Asencio has the courage to tackle an idea that cannot ever be concisely defined. The subjects of his extraordinary paintings seem strangely familiar, yet the abstract qualities of the composition render the female form just out of reality’s grasp. Hence, his latest exhibition of original works was appropriately titled, “Essence of Woman”.

Asencio’s one-man exhibition was held in Las Vegas at EC Forum Shops Gallery located within Caesars Palace on November 23-25. In Las Vegas, the highlight of the show came in the form of Henry Asencio’s rare live painting performance, which attracted the variety of visitors at The Forum Shops at Caesars out shopping on Black Friday.
Henry Asencio, "Essence of Woman"
Two weeks later Asencio’s work made another debut in Laguna Beach at EC Laguna Beach Gallery located adjacent to Hotel Laguna on December 7-9.
Henry Asencio

On December 7, Laguna Beach was already in a festive spirit, as Forest Avenue gave way to the annual Hospitality Night, attracting visitors from all over Orange County. Laguna Beach is not an entirely new scene for Henry Asencio. His work has been exhibited for many years through Miranda Galleries, which has now become the new location of Exclusive Collections Galleries’ fourth gallery venue. Exclusive Collections Gallery saw many festive revelers through the gallery to meet Asencio. Seasoned collectors, old and new friends alike came together to support the artist.
Henry Asencio originals

Having Henry Asencio at the gallery for a show was rare and eagerly-anticipated celebration. Art admirers gathered around the artist to learn about his creative process and the motivations that create depth and significance to every single work of art that he chooses to exhibit.

If you have yet to meet artist Henry Asencio, be sure to stay connected with EC Gallery to find out when Asencio may come to your town!
Henry Asencio

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on December 27, 2012.

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