Christopher M., “Feast for the Eyes”

Christopher M., as an artist of chefs and winemakers, brings together both sides of the story. Like a perfect pairing of the main entree and an exceptional vintage, Christopher M. blends the culinary and viticulture arts with his own passion and talent in fine art. His paintings balance the personality, the theatrical, the romantic, the thrilling, dynamic element of fine dining. Whether his subjects are composed at an intimate candlelit dinner, or behind the scenes in a busy kitchen, Christopher M.’s work displays excitement and energy for the dine out experience. The artist’s relationship with this experience extends beyond the front and back of the house picture of restaurants and cafes to the gardens and vineyards that produce the raw ingredients. He admires the precision and hard work that goes into crafting a fine wine and presenting a culinary masterpiece, as he follows the same philosophy in his own masterpieces. It is his desire and inspiration to capture talented sommeliers and chefs on canvas while in the process of creating the “fruits of their labor”.

98 Points, an original oil painting by Christopher M.

In his latest exhibition, “Feast for the Eyes”, Christopher M. showcased a new body of work with culinary and wine scenes frozen in time, focusing on a particular sensation or experience. His unique style, loose brushstrokes combined with areas of incredible detail, give his work both Realist and Impressionist characteristics. This approach draws a fantasy from a known occurrence. Rather than just painting directly what he sees, Christopher M. challenges the viewer to enjoy a routine event, such as eating or drinking, through all of the five senses.

Christopher M.’s “Feast for the Eyes”, a traveling exhibition, kicked off in San Diego, California at the EC Seaport Village Gallery. Collectors enjoyed a food demonstration by Chef Mandy Braidic, as well as found refuge from the cold weather outside in the warm, cheery atmosphere of the Seaport Village Gallery.

The exhibition continued on to Las Vegas at the Forum Shops Gallery in Caesars where Christopher M.’s original painting 98 Points found a home, a beautiful crimson composition highlighting that moment of introduction to a winning vintage.

Christopher M.

The final destination was EC Laguna Beach Gallery where food and wine lovers are a plenty. With Chardonnay, depicting a lone chef intensely working over a hot burner using a bottle of Chardonnay to flavor the dish being prepared, became part of a happy collector’s tirage.

During “Feast for the Eyes”, Christopher M. unveiled his newest Fine Art Limited Edition, Evening Indulgence which exemplifies all of the aspects of fine dining that the artist uses in his work. Evening Indulgence depicts a chef rewarding himself with a glass of red wine which is complemented by the tonal reds of the background. The striking white of the chef’s uniform boldly sets him apart as the focal point. His expression is that of indulgence; that he deserves to lean back, sip, and relax after a meal perfected.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on March 6, 2013.

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