Michael Summers, “Rather Curious”

Michael Summers Show Historic Gaslamp

“I paint because it makes me happy and I want others to experience this joy. When I see someone smile while viewing my art, and I know we are sharing a common experience, there are no words to describe this feeling. It is a communication that words are not able to convey. I can create art for myself, but it is simply incomplete until I can make someone else happy in the process.”

Right as Rain

Pop Surrealist artist Michael Summers toured from San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter, to The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, and then on to Exclusive Collections Gallery in Laguna Beach for his show, “Rather Curious”. He has created more original acrylic paintings than ever before to keep up with the growing demand for his work.

At the show, Crown Thorn Publishers James and Ruth-Ann Thorn were excited to announce the first painting to reach sold-out status for Michael Summers. Right as Rain, a colorful limited edition featuring three penguins under an umbrella. Right as Rain is composed in a contemporary style, with a minimalist monochromatic background giving way to a colorful foreground that concentrates the viewer’s attention to, as Summers describes it, “the general adorable-ness of penguins.” It emphasizes the value of humor as an ingredient for appreciating everyday life.

Catnap by Michael Summers
In the spirit of Right as Rain, Michael Summers unveiled a new limited edition painting titled Catnap – a colorful composition of three tigers underneath a technicolor downpour of paint. This new work is released in an edition size of 95, with 10 artist proofs and 10 printers proofs. Each work of art is hand-stretched and hand-embellished. Please contact your art consultant to reserve your edition of Catnap!

Although Right as Rain is sold-out, the public has voted for the image to be used on the 2013 Mission Federal ArtWalk T-Shirt! Collectors are invited to attend San Diego’s ArtWalk and support the local art community and ArtReach.

In San Diego, collectors entered through the gallery door past colorful sheer billowing curtains to emerge in the magic of the show beyond. Summers’ original masterpieces enthralled collectors with his incredible detail and precise vibrant color, while his unusual subject matter won over newcomers’ attention to both the artist and the gallery.

Birds of a Feather by Michael Summers

Another Leap of Faith by Michael Summers

In Las Vegas at the Forum Shops, Another Leap of Faith and Singing in the Rain (two Michael Summers originals) went home with collectors. Another Leap of Faith depicts a blissful flying pig against a cloud-filled cyan blue sky breaking the preconceived notions that pigs can’t fly. Singing in the Rain focuses on a grand elephant in a cool colored pour of paint simply singing to have a good time while the coolness of the rain washes away all things negative. Both pieces inspire the viewer to expect the unexpected and to do anything that makes them happy, whether it is breaking presumptions or merely just enjoying the moment.

Michael Summers in Laguna Beach


In Laguna Beach, Michael Summers had the opportunity to meet his youngest collector. A Mother’s Love, a Fine Art Open Edition, went home with a lucky little girl who purchased the beautiful artwork all on her own. Her brother and sister wanted to collect Summers work as well after watching the artist paint on the artist stage. They graciously received signed tear sheets of Right as Rain.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on March 19, 2013.

4 Responses to “Michael Summers, “Rather Curious””

  1. We love the version of Catnap painted on a building wall in Carlsbad, CA.

  2. Totally Stunning: impact that catnap mural in Carlsbad had on us 29 Sep 13. Thank you so much for bringing something new to the world!

  3. I’m searching for a tshirt of Cat Nap….any info would be greatly appreciated

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