Steven Quartly, “Colors of Romance”

Steven Quartly, "Colors of Romance"

On March 15, Steven Quartly arrived in San Diego with his family to visit Exclusive Collections Gallery for another amazing show!

His show, called “Colors of Romance”, was a three-day exhibition in San Diego’s Seaport Village, next to the beautiful waters of San Diego Bay.

Steven Quartly presented an exquisite collection of original oil paintings that capture the romantic elegance of the most beautiful scenes from California to Florence. Included is Quartly’s latest Fine Art Limited Edition painting, Venice Nights, which augments the timeless qualities of a sunset over the canals of Italy’s famed city of Venice.

Steven Quartly 3

EC Gallery’s collectors had the rare opportunity to view Steven Quartly paint live at the Artist’s Stage, sketching the beginnings of a new oil masterpiece. He shared his techniques and explained his artistic process. He shared with his collectors his history as an artist, beginning as a child taking private lessons in an adult art class. As one of the only children admitted to the class, Quartly felt very blessed to be able to develop his skill set from such an early age.


Every work of art that Quartly has created sets a tone of peace and relaxation. It evokes memories of travel and relationships, and invites us to indulge in these pleasant emotions. New collectors of Steven Quartly decided to commission original paintings from the artist to create a one-of-a-kind collection.

Stag Leap View

One of Quartly’s collectors decided to take home Stag Leap View, a beautiful original landscape painting. The artist also presented a new original painting titled Sera a Sienna, which is planned to go to print in the upcoming months.

Sera a Sienna

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on March 25, 2013.

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