7th Annual Miniature Show

7th Annual Miniature Show

On March 22-24, Exclusive Collections Forum Shops Gallery kicked off the traveling exhibition of the 7th Annual Miniature Show. EC Galleries’ 7th Annual Miniature Show featured paintings from the following internationally-acclaimed artists: Asencio, Steve Barton, Gloria Lee, Christopher M., Daniel Merriam, Hisashi Otsuka, Daniel Ryan, Michael Summers, and Dale TerBush. The participating artists were asked to create original paintings no larger than 8 inches by 10 inches for the exhibition. These miniature paintings distinguish the artists’ talent, as rendering such elaborate and detailed masterpieces on such a small scale proves challenging. As expected, the accumulation of such a vast variety of these famed artists’ work drew in a large and diverse crowd.


Las Vegas attendees happily admired over 60 miniature paintings while enjoying complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. The 7th Annual Miniature Show provided the perfect opportunity for collectors to seek out works from many different artists, while also being able to collect pieces by their favorite artist, all at an affordable price! In addition, guests were able to meet some of these exceptional artists in person!


Artist Michael Flohr made a special appearance to paint his miniature masterpieces live on the artist’s stage. Paintings flew off the easel as collectors clamored to acquire one of Flohr’s originals!


Artist Steve Barton also made a special appearance and was happy to inform collectors about the stages of his process. With a warm and welcoming demeanor mimicking his tropical compositions, Barton welcomed new and seasoned collectors alike to both his work and the gallery.


Artist Michael Summers also made a guest appearance. Collectors enthusiastically welcomed his new collection of miniature paintings in the gallery. Throughout the show, Michael Summers was found conversing with his collectors and other art connoisseurs.


If you weren’t able to make the 7th Annual Miniature Painting Show in Las Vegas, do not worry! The traveling exhibition will be coming to both Laguna Beach and San Diego! Contact your fine art consultant or an EC Gallery near you for more details!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on April 15, 2013.

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