Daniel Ryan, “Beyond the Mist”

Mist steadily floats throughout the landscape, blurring the outline of the forest against the colorfully illuminated sky. Dream-like qualities emit a mystic state, awe-inspiring as the viewer is immersed in nature’s beauty. Daniel Ryan’s newest exhibition of original works entitled “Beyond the Mist” do the unexpected by transforming natural landscapes into fantastic surreal settings that dissolve the notion of time and space.

Daniel Ryan Art Show

“Beyond the Mist” debuted in San Diego at EC Historic Gaslamp Gallery on April 5-7, 2013, afterwards continuing on to EC Laguna Beach Gallery in Laguna Beach on April 13-14 and EC Forum Shops Gallery in Las Vegas on April 19-21. The response to Ryan’s new series was incredible as collectors had yet to see this expansion of the artist’s style ever before. Artist Daniel Ryan is known for creating his own genre of unique  “tree-scapes”, inspired by his surroundings. He uses a stylistic touch by placing patterned petals into his compositions, adding texture and dimension.  Ryan considers himself a “Folk Surrealist”, drawing upon his own imagination and artistic interpretation to express naturalism. His love of nature and the passing down of stories and ideals are what make his work so fascinating: trees remain both the foreground and background, the subject and the setting.

Beholding North

The silent giants of the north watch as the sky and earth meet together to engage in a harmonious dance of light.

Trees take time to grow, and once they do they last for generations. It is in this association that they become a symbol for ideal characteristics such as wisdom, strength, nurture and growth. Daniel Ryan’s magnificent tree-scapes allow the forests to come alive and tell their own story, as they are constantly being reshaped, reformed, and reinvented.

Triptych by Daniel Ryan

Trees nurture life beyond their own in this gentle monochromatic composition.


Time stands still as day meets night in this peaceful woodland.

If you missed this fantastic event, be sure to keep an eye out for Daniel Ryan originals that are still available. Contact your fine art consultant today to reserve yours!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on May 6, 2013.

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