Mission Federal ArtWalk!



Every year, San Diego’s picturesque Little Italy becomes the dynamic center for art, music, fine food and fun known as the Mission Federal ArtWalk! This year in 2013, Exclusive Collections Galleries joined in once again in a group of six booths on Fir Street, showcasing works of art by six different artists: Daniel Ryan, Paul B. Lotz, Michael Summers, Christopher M., Michael Flohr, and Henry Asencio.

Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan, Michael Summers, Paul B. Lotz, and Christopher M. came to the event to paint and sculpt on site for onlookers to enjoy.



ArtWalk’s T-Shirt contest winner this year happened to be none other than Michael Summers! After being nominated for his beautiful painting, Right as Rain, the public voted for their favorite! Congratulations to our amazing Michael Summers!


Paul B. Lotz

New to Exclusive Collections Galleries, artist Paul B. Lotz brought clay sculptures to Little Italy to illustrate his amazing sculpting process and to introduce ideas for his new collection, “Checkmate”. Each of his fantastical figures acts as one character in an interconnected chess game, which will total a full 32-piece set upon completion.

Paul B. Lotz

It was another amazing year for the Mission Federal ArtWalk! With over 350 visual artists, ArtWalk continues to be one of San Diego’s greatest annual events. EC Galleries is proud to be a part of it!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on May 13, 2013.

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