18th Annual Anniversary Show

The weekend of July 12-14, 2013 was beautifully sunny outside and even sunnier inside Exclusive Collections Galleries (ECG) as they hosted their 18th Annual Anniversary Show celebration! With the traditional luau theme derived from ECG’s beginnings in the Hawaiian Islands, attendees were invited to dawn their Hawaiian shirts and laid-back attire for a fun-filled gallery experience that collectors look forward to every year.

Anniversary Show

The Annual Anniversary Show is especially important to ECG because it shows how 18 years have led to the galleries’ success today. ECG began as a vision from owner Ruth-Ann Thorn, whose desire it was to purvey works of art that will stand the test of time. In adhering to this vision, ECG has grown to include four galleries in premiere locations across two states, and has plans to continue to expand, providing more galleries to service the needs of both artists and patrons alike.


Barton and Walfrido

In San Diego, featured artists Walfrido, Steve Barton, and David Wight made the event worthwhile at both ECG Historic Gaslamp and ECG Seaport Village as they painted live and discussed their creative processes. Hawaiian leis decorated the gallery, food and refreshments were served, and at Seaport Village Polynesian dancers entertained the crowds with their graceful choreography.

Hula Dance

The subject matter of artists Walfrido, Steve Barton, and David Wight complemented the event theme as their work embodies the “feel good” vibes of vacations and summertime fun. Walfrido’s incredible ability to portray light on canvas leaves his romantic beach scenes rivaling a photograph. His talent was on display as he took paintbrush to canvas, completing another masterpiece right before everyone’s eyes! Longtime friend and colleague Steve Barton was accomplishing an equally spectacular feat on the artist’s stage a few feet away by adding signature vibrant foliage to a collaborative painting shared with Walfrido.

Double Champagne Wave

David Wight’s contagious energy inspired collectors and reflected the energy he captures in his glass wave sculptures. Wight provided step-by-step commentary as his “how it’s made” DVD played next to his work, and impressed collectors with the intricacies of his new Sunset Tango Wave.

David Wight Glass Art


Hisashi Otsuka

Internationally renowned Japanese artist Hisashi Otsuka, a master of detail, flew to Las Vegas from his home in Hawaii to celebrate with ECG at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Otsuka’s new tattoo series, “Kimono Ink”, stole the show in an incredible body of work that fuses ancient Japanese tradition with modern culture.

Touched by the Past

Otsuka’s technique is inimitable as his years of study and apprenticeship in kimono design has led his work to be comprised dot-by-dot, comparably as accurate as digital rendering. A skilled master in painting on silk, Otsuka displays his diversity in his new tattoo series by utilizing the medium of graphite on paper.

Silent Elegance by Hisashi Otsuka


Michael Summers Art

In Laguna Beach, Pop Surrealist artist Michael Summers filled ECG Laguna Beach with a celebratory atmosphere. His whimsical acrylic paintings mirror the “aloha spirit” of the Hawaiian Islands because his subject matter of personified animals and robots welcome the viewer into their magical world. Summers’s distinct style relies on striking imagery to illuminate the beauty of everyday life.

Michael Summers Collectors

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on July 25, 2013.

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