7th Annual Miniature Show in Laguna Beach

EC’s Laguna Beach location carried on the Exclusive Collections Gallery Miniature Show tradition on July 27th and 28th, making it the second year that the show has been held in Laguna Beach. Miniature paintings are a rarity within the art world because it is rare to find artists with the technique needed to transform such a small area into a big statement. Thankfully, ECG artists are masters in their craft and readily accept the challenge each year. The 7th Annual Miniature Painting Show displayed miniature paintings from a variety of favorite artists including Gloria Lee, Hisashi Otsuka, Daniel Merriam, Michael Summers, Christopher M., Walfrido Garcia, Michael Flohr and many more! As the Miniature Show is a favorite among artists and collectors alike, some of these great artists came out to help celebrate. Henry Asencio, Michael Flohr, Michael Summers, and Daniel Ryan were just a few who enjoyed painting live during the show, embracing the friendly and laid-back vibe of Laguna Beach.

Artist at Exclusive Collections: Asencio, Flohr, Daniel Ryan and Michael Summers

Artists Henry Asencio, Michael Flohr, Daniel Ryan and Michael Summers visit EC Laguna Beach for Exclusive Collections Galleries’ 7th Annual Miniature Show.

Artist Daniel Ryan paints with vivid colors on the EC Laguna Beach artist stage.

One reason that the artists look forward to the Miniature Show each year is because it gives them more creative freedom to try new styles and techniques that they wouldn’t necessarily try out on a larger canvas. The Miniature Show provides collectors who are already familiar with certain artists’ styles to view works that offer a new innovative take on what they are usually known for. Many ideas that have been explored during the Miniature Show have ended up defining a new series for the artist later in their career! Miniature Show attendees received the treatment only fitting for those that appreciate the arts; food and refreshments were provided and of course there was great conversation to be had by all!

Thank you for all who attended and made this event such a success! If you weren’t able to attend the EC Laguna Beach Gallery for the 7th Annual Miniature Show, mark your calendars for the next one at an Exclusive Collections Gallery near you!

Group Photo mini show

Another end to a successful Miniature Show! Be sure to come to the gallery next year for your chance to meet these amazing artists and the dedicated ECG team!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on August 16, 2013.

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