Henry Asencio Show Unveils “In Bloom”

Exclusive Collections Galleries proudly presented Master Artist Asencio’s latest works at an exhibition held for him at the Seaport Village gallery beginning on Friday, August 9, 2013 and concluding on Sunday, August 11, 2013. The brand new exhibition of original oil paintings came with a special treat; not only were collectors able to meet this internationally acclaimed artist in person, but they received the special opportunity to witness the unveiling of his most recent original that will go to print, In Bloom. You can bid on Asencio’s original painting to help support Go Red for Women HERE

In Bloom by Henry Asencio

In Bloom was created for donation to the American Heart Association, which continually provides funding for cardiovascular research and increases awareness for preventing cardiovascular diseases. In a remarkable coincidence, the model that Asencio chose for inspiration of this piece happened to have a close association with the American Heart Association. By the age of only 26 years old, she had suffered from cardiovascular problems her entire life and had officially flatlined twice. This solidified Asencio’s commitment to the work of art and greatly contributed to In Bloom’s compelling nature.


In Bloom portrays the strength and appreciation for life that those who have suffered from cardiovascular diseases hold everyday. With one hand gently resting upon her heart, the female figure subtly alludes to her inner strength. For this painting, Asencio selected soft, muted tones with heavily textured brushstrokes, allowing brighter hints of red to peek from the underlying layer of paint. The artist included abstract roses blooming at the bottom in a sign of hope.


The event had a collection of beautiful original oil paintings that accompanied In Bloom; many fortunate to find caring homes with new collectors. The highlight of the evening came with one more surprise unveiling. Collectors Will and Andrea Beaber shared the moving experience of commissioning an original painting by the artist. With great strength of presence, Andrea Beaber read a poem that captured the emotional and spiritual elements of sitting for a portrait.


As only befitting an exhibition for Asencio, the essence throughout the gallery was one of admiration and passion.Those who attended enjoyed a pleasuring of the senses not only from viewing Asencio’s masterpieces, but also listening to the talent of guitarist Marco Alejandro while sipping complimentary wine and champagne and sampling delectable hors d’oeuvres catered by The Inspired Gourmet.


If you were unable to attend this fantastic event be sure to RSVP for the next Exclusive Collections Galleries event! Asencio will be touring to Laguna Beach and Las Vegas within the upcoming months. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet this incredible artist; call your art consultant today to find out more details!

Henry Asencio Show

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on August 26, 2013.

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