Gloria Lee, “Flower Power”

As summer winds to an end, Exclusive Collections Galleries hoped to share some much desired sunshine with collectors in the form of artist Gloria Lee’s vibrant floral series. Her latest exhibition of contemporary acrylic paintings adequately titled, “Flower Power” pays tribute to her roots of exploration during the 1960s with Pop Art influences and a wildly expressive portrayal of flowers.

Gloria Lee Flower Power

“Flower Power” kicked off at the ECG Forum Shops Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 30 through September 1, 2013. Collectors indulged in bubbly champagne and light appetizers while happily feeling as if they were outside in a peaceful garden. The joyful energy blossomed further as the exhibition travelled to Laguna Beach, California on September 14th and 15th and then came to a full bloom at EC Historic Gaslamp Gallery in San Diego, California on September 20th to 22nd.  A Pollock-like series, Gloria Lee’s work remains rich with color, decorative pleasure, and is imprinted with meaning. Lee focuses on the energy and significance that each individual flower holds, channeling an easily overlooked subject matter into a deeper declaration of its significance within society. To Lee, artistic interpretation takes precedence over literal translation; Inspired by O’Keefe and Van Gogh, she creates an uplifting atmosphere with complex color and serene simplicity of form.

Gloria Lee in Laguna Beach

As a special treat during “Flower Power”, Gloria Lee unveiled a new fine art limited edition, Sunrise, which is available on canvas in 24 by 36 inches at an edition size of 50. Sunrise’s cheerful yellow sunflowers bring light into gloom-filled rooms and radiate optimism. These flowers turn their faces and petals each day to the sun’s nurturing rays, seeking the strength to grow.  Lee uses heavy impasto texture to mimic the sunflower’s thick stalks, luscious petals and bountiful seeds, while a soothing abstract background balances rough with smooth. She creates movement and personality by drizzling copious lines of colorful paint throughout, giving her subject its recognizably happy demeanor.

Sunrise by Gloria Lee

Be sure to stop by any Exclusive Collections Gallery to obtain your last bit of summer with a Gloria Lee original or limited edition! If you were unable to attend the event, contact your art consultant to find out when the artist will be at an ECG near you!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on October 18, 2013.

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