7th Annual Miniature Show in San Diego

Exclusive Collections Seaport Village Gallery held its 7th Annual Miniature Show on November 1-3, 2013, concluding the Miniature Show 2013 Tour which began in Las Vegas in March. Artists Henry Asencio, Steven Quartly, Daniel Ryan, Michael Summers, Michael Flohr, Gloria Lee, Christopher M., and Steve Barton attended, proudly displaying their minute masterpieces. This show is a favorite among collectors for the endearing association that comes with big things in small packages. Steve Barton took the cake for the littlest miniatures ever presented at the event with his intricate 2” x 2” beach compositions: Little Love and Little Palm. As Barton puts it, “I paint on anything. I’ve had some fun painting on mini surf boards and a paint brush.”

Each miniature work of art takes time and effort to execute. Just like any other original painting, these small scale paintings require the artist’s full skill set. Sometimes, the composition becomes more difficult in miniature, because these artists are not used to the minute proportions on which they must translate their talent. Artist Michael Flohr explained to collectors at the event, “Minis are fun to do. I like painting bigger, looser… Little ones take about as much as a size or two sizes bigger.”

Many collectors love to attend ECG’s Annual Miniature Show because they can collect multiple original paintings from more than one artist and see the evolution of an artist’s ideas. A smaller scale canvas presents artists with the opportunity to explore their artistic visions further, often trying new color palettes and subject matter, giving just a preview of what may be to come!

7th Annual Miniature Show

Artist Michael Summers has a special connection to ECG’s Miniature Show. He elaborates, “The first time that I got to exhibit in a gallery was actually the First Annual Miniature Show and it’s been my favorite show since. Not just because of the nostalgia and the sentimental value of this being where I first got to share my work with other people, but also because of the work. I love getting to see what all the artists are working on and in a smaller scale this is one of the few times you can have a show with this many pieces in one place and see this much work. It’s this fun kind of process where you get to experiment a little bit on this scale. You get to play, you get to kind of break out of your mold a little bit. I paint the Surrealist, whimsical pieces. I don’t know if everyone notices the differences as much as we notice the differences in our own work. But there’s this fun little interaction where you get to play with this work, this miniature painting.”

During the exhibition, each artist took the time to express their gratitude with their collectors and to share how their artistic philosophy has grown over the years. This annual show is a reminder of the gallery’s history with these painters. The gallery has seen their careers progress, and each miniature painting adds to their legacy.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on December 27, 2013.

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