Paul B. Lotz, “Fantasies and Fables”

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

New to the Exclusive Collections Gallery’s family is sculptor Paul B. Lotz! With his opening show, “Fantasies & Fables,” on January 4-5, 2014 at the EC Seaport Village Gallery, Lotz introduced collectors to his newest “Checkmate” series inspired by the game of chess. Each of Lotz’s bronze sculptures tells a unique story and invites viewers to participate, becoming a part of the tale themselves.

At a special story hour during the show, Lotz spoke about the interactive relationships between his chess pieces and shared his inspiration for each, focusing upon the known dichotomies of the game: black and white, rich and poor, monarchs and peasants, purities and impurities.

“Checkmate” is one series of several sculptures available by Paul B. Lotz. Surely, You Jest? has become one of his most popular works of art, depicting a jester atop a pillar of teetering stones. Paul Lotz recited an original poem that told the tale of the jester, who was forced to climb atop a wall by his king.

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

Lotz’s whimsical, theatrical characters capture the spirit of fantasies and fables. A skilled storyteller, Lotz transports his audience to lands long forgotten in folklore to meet entities from his imagination that would never be expected. Attendees got an exclusive sneak peek of Lotz’s upcoming series as he worked on one of his clay sculptures in person! Although playful in nature, Lotz’s sculptures carry layers of meaning. He has a message as well as a story in each carefully crafted work of bronze.

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

If you didn’t get to experience “Fantasies & Fables” at San Diego’s Seaport Village, his next exhibition will take place on February 1-2, 2014 at Exclusive Collections Laguna Beach Gallery. We hope to see you there!

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

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