Color Blind: A Black and White Collection

On the weekend of January 24-26, Exclusive Collections Gallery presented a one-of-a-kind group exhibition that challenged the artists to work out of their comfort zone by creating colorless works. The results were better than collectors could ever have anticipated!

Participating artists included: Henry Asencio, Steve Barton, Christopher M., Michael Flohr, Walfrido Garcia, Steven Quartly, Daniel Ryan and Hisashi Otsuka.

Daniel Ryan created beautiful works of art with pen on paper using a stippling technique that demonstrated his painstaking skill and vision for negative space. High contrast values created a stark and dramatic effect.
Daniel Ryan

Michael Flohr proved that his images in charcoal are just as impressive as those in color. The artist translates his oil painting’s layering technique in a different medium by adding dramatic lines on top of smooth shading.
Michael Flohr

Henry Asencio’s charcoal works capture a series of seductive moments. His innate way of transposing each model’s energy with charcoal on paper creates an undeniably linear quality showcasing his skill in drawing.

Black and white art creates its own mood, whether a feeling of antiquity, an emphasis on light and form, or a delineation of a different perspective. Whether it is to enhance the subject matter with greater contrast or to achieve a cleaner, more formal look through negative space, artists choose not to use color for a variety of reasons. Black and white art sends its own extraordinary message separate from that of color works — a message that may be shared or different for each person. It is entirely up to interpretation.

This event was such a success EC Gallery decided to offer it again! Join us this June for Color Blind: A Black and White Collection at EC Laguna Beach Gallery!

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on March 4, 2014.

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