Bella Hearts

Exclusive Collections Gallery (ECG) warms up the hearts of local communities with their art showcase, Bella Hearts. This amazing art was created by an eight-year-old named Isabella Thorn, who has been painting ever since she first held a brush at the young age of 16 months. To date, Isabella has created more than 400 Bella Hearts, showing that even the smallest among us can have a huge impact. Bella Hearts’ pieces are collected and have traveled to collectors as far away as Dubai. These beautiful hearts can be seen at all five EC Galleries.

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At Isabella’s choice, 10% of the proceeds from her work go to benefit children and animals in need. It is her hope that every time someone sees a Bella Heart, there is a child who has benefited from another’s love and compassion. Each Bella Heart is an original creation made by the hands of three generations of artists. Together, grandmother, mother and daughter combine their creative talents to generate a beautiful, unique work of art crafted from the inherent love generated within the family.

Bella is frequently on TV and has been featured on KUSI Good Morning San Diego and San Diego 6 CW Wake Up San Diego. Her Hearts have been presented at different art shows, some shows where she has even painted live. Bella, a wonderful child, is creating art to help other children. What could be more special?

Bella posed with Renee K
IMG_5643 (1)


~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on February 26, 2015.

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