Momentous Milestones

Exclusive Collections Gallery Celebrates 20 Years

Art is and always has been a crucial part of our human existence. Art chronicles history and tells a visual story of the experiences of life. It allows the viewer to look back in time and discover a different view of times past.

Exclusive Collections Gallery was founded on the ideal that the impact art has on a society is relevant and significant. The role that the visual arts play is something worth preserving. It is with this ideal in mind that the first EC Gallery was opened in 1995 in San Diego.

Known for discovering talent, EC Gallery established itself to be on the cutting edge of art, discovering half a dozen unknown artists and brought them to international acclaim. Over the last two decades, the galleries have uniquely drawn from this talented group of premiere artists under exclusive contracts that hail from all different genres.

EC Gallery is rooted in the commitment to artistic excellence, a philosophy that continues to grow as they celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

Today, there are six EC Galleries including locations in Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops, in the seaside art town of Laguna Beach, two in downtown San Diego in the popular Gaslamp Quarter and Seaport Village as well as a gallery in Beverly Hills. Continuing to expand, they recently acquired a sixth gallery in Breckenridge, Colorado in May. Future EC Gallery locations include Hawaii as well as many other top US markets in the next five years.

One thing that makes EC Gallery unique is that all but one of their galleries have been acquired galleries that were in closing, they saved and reopened them under the EC Gallery brand — preserving the cultivation and 

accessibility of art in these cities. Their secret to success has not only been seeking great art but also discovering the non-established talent and bringing them to market. Once more, the patrons of the gallery are family and it is an approachable open style to art that continues to bring art seekers in the door.

Each member of the gallery is passionate about the role art plays in the individual human experience. Whether it is the directors, consultants or artists on the team, each member’s role is to provide the best experience and put the collector’s interests above all to experience art in a pristine, comfortable, luxurious environment with ease of decision, lack of pressure, and fullness of joy. The true excellence of EC Gallery’s vision is in excellence of art and that is found in their core belief that “art that stands the test of time.”

There is a human element in every aspect of the art business. EC Gallery’s passion stems from the love of what they do and operations driving from integrity and with people in mind. The true essence of EC Gallery’s vision is the excellence of art and the core believe in “art that stands the test of time.”

If you are a long time patron, you are an important piece of the fabric in the tapestry of their 20-year history. Perhaps you have never been in one of the EC Galleries, please come and see what has made this such a special brand that will continue to grow and flourish for decades to come. You will not find another gallery with more passion and commitment to the art, staff, long time patrons and future art lovers than at EC Gallery.

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