Fabio Napoleoni “Undying Love”

What the heart wants and needs can be found in a Fabio Napoleoni painting.

Nostalgia, sorrow, and moments that lift the soul are all there for the world to see and experience along with him. The vivid colors and captivating characters invite you into an emotional ride that is welcomed by the mind and the heart. Simple landscapes set the stage to see the value of emotional attachment that can be compared to no other. Influences from some of this century’s greatest artists are hard to obviously find in his pieces, but are present deep in the fabric of what puts a Napoleoni painting together. While his paintings may be filled with vibrant color, cheerful characters, and what seems like a never-ending supply of hope and enthusiasm, his inspiration initially stemmed from a dark place.

“The birth of the inspiration came prior to the arrival of my second daughter in the spring of 2004. With my wife being only 20 weeks pregnant, the news that we were about to welcome a little girl into this world with heart abnormalities just shattered our [hearts],” he said. “Questioning faith and filled with anger, I found comfort in sketching my frustration towards life and the injustice I felt it had handed my little girl and family.”

When tragedy hits close to home one always questions why. Accepting that things like this happen without rhyme or reason was not easy for Napoleoni and his wife, but they were comforted knowing they were not at fault.

It was in the fall of 2004 during a lengthy hospital stay with his daughter Lauren that the creation of Marcenivo and friends took flight. Each scene that unfolded before Napoleoni made its way onto his canvas. Nurses, doctors, and staff all fed him with little nuances that were added to each character’s melancholy-like nature.

It took the traumatic experience of extended hospital stays and several surgeries on his daughter for him to realize what was missing in his work, and it was emotion. He had all the ingredients to create, but none that captivated the soul. Since Napoleoni’s first gallery show in 2009 until now, both he and his work have grown tremendously.

The first seven years of life were very tough on Lauren, but there is a beauty to modern medicine, and a sainthood status earned by those who work with ill children and devote a great portion of their lives to bettering the lives of those children.

“As life for our little one gradually got easier, the artwork became increasingly hopeful and saturated with love,” he said. “Positivity and compassion became the focal point.” A large part of the current driving force behind Napoleoni’s art are his collectors; those who stand in line for hours and those who travel great distances just to share why they purchased the work, and the die-hard collectors who have tattooed his work on their bodies and not just one or two, but full murals running down an arm. It is a commitment and a massive honor to Napoleoni as an artist. Being easily accessible has given his collectors the ability to send him some of the most beautiful messages and heart warming stories he has had the pleasure of reading.


“I’m grateful for every smile given, every hand shaken, and every friend I have made in my travels. Each one is unique and with an inspiring story,” he said. “Thank you for caring, sharing, and inspiring.”

Napoleoni will be presenting a new body of work at EC Gallery Beverly Hills April 22- 23, unveiling unseen pieces for his collectors. Contact your fine art consultant to RSVP for this event not-to-be missed.

Undying Love
Fine Art Limited Edition
19″ x 28″

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on April 20, 2016.

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