How to See the World Like Michael Summers

Michael Summers’s recent appearances at EC Gallery’s Historic Gaslamp locale was, for many, illuminating. Patrons of the gallery filtered in throughout the evenings of February 4th and 5th to catch a glimpse of the 36 year old artist at work. Summers, always engaging and in high spirits, spoke with many in regards to his technique, unique vision and skillful execution.

Typically, Summers creates the scene he intends to paint by grabbing a handful of toys (some of which he’s constructed on his own) and placing them in unique juxtapositions…call it ‘Summers-Vision’. While his work can, in a general way, be placed into a pop-surrealist genre, it is inspired from the child within. Unlike many of the newer artists working within the parameters of those movements, Summers’ unique vision is in no way derivative of other artists’ works falling within those aforementioned genres.

Summers then photographs the toys and creates for them a backdrop / setting which lends itself to his vision. Once the photo is complete, Summers then creates a rough sketch on paper. Michael adds to that sketch, painting sometimes with watercolor and other times using liquid acrylic as his medium. When he is happy with the preliminary work, he creates a larger piece based on the former. Recently, Summers has been constructing his pieces on wood, oftentimes incorporating the texture and wood grains into the actual composition of the piece, blending the natural world’s aesthetic with his own whimsy.

The buzz and corresponding demand for his work has grown tremendously. See for your own eyes the wonder of Michael Summers’s artistic creations by stopping by Exclusive Collections Gallery and/or viewing them on our website at

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on February 16, 2011.

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