New Release: Michael Summers’, “Catnip”

Exclusive Collections Gallery is excited to unveil the latest Fine Art Limited Edition by artist Michael Summers!
Catnip by Michael Summers
195 SN, 25 AP, 10 PP
36″ X 48″

It’s a jungle out there! That is one way to look at life, but artist Michael Summers challenges his viewer to look again with fresh eyes of imagination. In his latest work, Catnip, the artist speaks to the need to lighten up, to play, and take a little “nip” out of life!

Elaborating on this idea, Summers explains, “By being open to new events, new ideas, new types of art, we allow ourselves to learn, to empathize, to grow.” Summers continues to grow as an artist, as with each new painting he demonstrates his strong understanding of not only color, composition, and subject matter, but the personal message of his artistic dialogue.

In this meticulously refined and detailed work of art, Summers once again marries his mastery of realism with a contemporary abstract setting to bring forth a surreal experience. Each vertical line of color is added by hand to recreate the effect of dripping paint. The gradation in the background illuminates the isolated scene like a spotlight on a stage. In the foreground, three rare white tigers lie close together as a family. The tiger lying in the colorful rain has surrendered to the experience, and his perception of the world will be forever altered. The tigress and cub sit safely under the umbrella watching, while a second cub ventures off to explore the territory. Marching to the beat of his own drum, he pounces and plays in a colorful puddle, enjoying the experience while the others look on.

Catnip is a celebration of life. The capacity to feel jubilation is in direct correlation to our ability to explore all that life brings! Catnip reminds us all that it is ok to venture off the path and pounce when we find the right puddle to play in.

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on July 30, 2015.

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