Royo “Recital”

Like other great Spanish artists before him, Royo is a true master of his craft. Hailing from Valencia, Spain’s third largest city located on the banks of the Turia River, Royo’s homeland and heritage have greatly affected him and his creative work. “I am, first and foremost, an artist,” he said. “My heritage deeply affects all of my work. I live and work in Spain, under Spanish sun and under the influence of Spanish light. My models are from my homeland, and I paint them posing in our home.”

Royo’s artistic inspiration is derived from a host of artists that have come before him, including Spanish masters Velasquez, Ribera, Goya, and Sorolla. “I have been moved by so many [artists] that it would be impossible to name them all,” he said. “I often say that the blood of the great Masters is in my veins and I am just a culmination of all who have proceeded me. [Though] Sorolla is a special muse. He is from my home of Valencia.”

It is easy to understand why Royo cites Sorolla as being influential to his own work. While much of the darker themes and imagery in Goya and Ribera’s art is absent in Royo’s paintings, the vibrant use of color — and especially the exploration of feminine beauty — is echoed in the work of both Sorolla and Royo.

“I am fascinated by the feminine form and mystique,” he said. “This is not a subject of interest unique to me. Artists throughout history have depicted the beauty and essence of women.”

In this upcoming show entitled Recital, Royo explores the essence of this mystique in detail, further elaborating on themes he has used in the past in other bodies of work. “Recital is intended to be retrospective,” he explained. “It’s a re-visiting of some of the themes I have explored through my painting career.”

Royo’s mastery over his craft expands with each passing year, making every new painting a time capsule of his skill.

“In this collection, I may have revisited a particular theme or interest, but I am approaching it with a different vision, angle, and understanding than when I may have visited that subject in previous years. So this has been a work of love and joy.”



Royo El sol

“el sol”
Fine Art Limited Edition
19.5″ x 19.5″


Fine Art Limited Edition
32″ x 25″

~ by Exclusive Collections Galleries on October 20, 2015.

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