Celebrating the Year of the Horse with Jia Lu

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January 31st marked the beginning of the Chinese new year, Year of the Horse! The horse is thought to bring luck and prosperity, fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. To help celebrate this event EC Galleries held an exhibition at EC Forum Shops Gallery in Caesars Palace for one of the most talented Chinese artists, Jia Lu. The festivities began with a traditional lion dance from the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy and continued throughout the weekend (January 31, 2014-February 2, 2014). In celebration, all who attended received fortune cookies and lucky red envelopes with a special treat inside!

1457466_10202798287099690_1782604979_nArtist Jia Lu (center right) and publisher Geoffrey Bonnycastle (second from right) with a traditional lion dancer (center left), EC Gallery Owner Ruth-Ann Thorn (second from left) and EC Gallery Directors Vanessa (left) and Keen (right).

Jia Lu’s work is a mixture of femininity, spirituality and the theatric. She combines Asian and American culture, Buddhist and Christian influences, and blends important symbolism into her compositions. Lu looks to “assimilate tradition into a contemporary sensibility” and successfully does so by straddling the line of realism and surrealism, and humanity and the metaphysical. Her work has energy, continuously flowing and changing.

gingko“Gingko” by Jia Lu, Fine Art Limited Edition, 32″ x 32″

gold-pagoda“Golden Pagoda” by Jia Lu, Fine Art Limited Edition, 40″ x 24″

Thank you to all who attended! If you missed this celebration you can see all of Jia Lu’s work here! If interested in a private viewing please contact your ECG art consultant. Hope to see you at the next EC Galleries event and may the Year of the Horse be a prosperous one for you!


Color Blind: A Black and White Collection

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On the weekend of January 24-26, Exclusive Collections Gallery presented a one-of-a-kind group exhibition that challenged the artists to work out of their comfort zone by creating colorless works. The results were better than collectors could ever have anticipated!

Participating artists included: Henry Asencio, Steve Barton, Christopher M., Michael Flohr, Walfrido Garcia, Steven Quartly, Daniel Ryan and Hisashi Otsuka.

Daniel Ryan created beautiful works of art with pen on paper using a stippling technique that demonstrated his painstaking skill and vision for negative space. High contrast values created a stark and dramatic effect.
Daniel Ryan

Michael Flohr proved that his images in charcoal are just as impressive as those in color. The artist translates his oil painting’s layering technique in a different medium by adding dramatic lines on top of smooth shading.
Michael Flohr

Henry Asencio’s charcoal works capture a series of seductive moments. His innate way of transposing each model’s energy with charcoal on paper creates an undeniably linear quality showcasing his skill in drawing.

Black and white art creates its own mood, whether a feeling of antiquity, an emphasis on light and form, or a delineation of a different perspective. Whether it is to enhance the subject matter with greater contrast or to achieve a cleaner, more formal look through negative space, artists choose not to use color for a variety of reasons. Black and white art sends its own extraordinary message separate from that of color works — a message that may be shared or different for each person. It is entirely up to interpretation.

This event was such a success EC Gallery decided to offer it again! Join us this June for Color Blind: A Black and White Collection at EC Laguna Beach Gallery!

Paul B. Lotz, “Fantasies and Fables”

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Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

New to the Exclusive Collections Gallery’s family is sculptor Paul B. Lotz! With his opening show, “Fantasies & Fables,” on January 4-5, 2014 at the EC Seaport Village Gallery, Lotz introduced collectors to his newest “Checkmate” series inspired by the game of chess. Each of Lotz’s bronze sculptures tells a unique story and invites viewers to participate, becoming a part of the tale themselves.

At a special story hour during the show, Lotz spoke about the interactive relationships between his chess pieces and shared his inspiration for each, focusing upon the known dichotomies of the game: black and white, rich and poor, monarchs and peasants, purities and impurities.

“Checkmate” is one series of several sculptures available by Paul B. Lotz. Surely, You Jest? has become one of his most popular works of art, depicting a jester atop a pillar of teetering stones. Paul Lotz recited an original poem that told the tale of the jester, who was forced to climb atop a wall by his king.

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

Lotz’s whimsical, theatrical characters capture the spirit of fantasies and fables. A skilled storyteller, Lotz transports his audience to lands long forgotten in folklore to meet entities from his imagination that would never be expected. Attendees got an exclusive sneak peek of Lotz’s upcoming series as he worked on one of his clay sculptures in person! Although playful in nature, Lotz’s sculptures carry layers of meaning. He has a message as well as a story in each carefully crafted work of bronze.

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

If you didn’t get to experience “Fantasies & Fables” at San Diego’s Seaport Village, his next exhibition will take place on February 1-2, 2014 at Exclusive Collections Laguna Beach Gallery. We hope to see you there!

Paul B. Lotz, "Fantasies and Fables"

Michael Flohr, “Night on the Town”

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Las Vegas! A city of revelry, excess, and celebration! What better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than to head for Sin City? Once known just for its gambling and casino culture, today Las Vegas offers something for everyone. New Year’s Eve promises no end of nightclub parties, fireworks on The Strip, and celebrity performing artists, but on the weekend of December 27-29, The Forum Shops hosted an artist of another kind. Michael Flohr, famous for his contemporary expressionist oil paintings depicting urban nightlife, exhibited a new body of original paintings at Exclusive Collections Gallery at The Forum Shops.

City of Lights

Flohr’s paintings take him all over the United States, and he records each breathtaking scene on canvas with his unique painting style. Somehow, Flohr captures the very essence of an individual city and yet maintains continuity in his painting style.

This year, Michael Flohr’s show was titled “Night on the Town”. His compositions focus upon the close, romantic moments that play out on city streets every night. Flohr builds layers of bright color, beginning with an acrylic underpainting and slowly building up a dynamic story with thick, decisive brush strokes. As he painted at the easel in the gallery, onlookers were able to see how Flohr’s talent takes over the canvas.

If you were unable to attend this celebration, be sure to RSVP to Flohr’s next exhibition in 2014!

Asencio, “Ravishing”

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An internationally distinguished figurative painter, Asencio pays tribute to the female form as master painters have done for centuries. Combining elements of Realism and Abstract Expressionism, the artist’s unique style seeks to convey contemporary sensuality. For his latest exhibition, “Ravishing”, Asencio took inspiration from a range of women across the globe, drawing on the divine and powerful spirit within each of them.

Asencio Painting Live AsencioPaintingLive2

Asencio paints live at Exclusive Collections Forum Shops Gallery in Caesars Palace

During the exhibition on November 29 – December 1, 2013, Asencio graced the Exclusive Collections Forum Shops Gallery with a live painting demonstration. His energy and emotion while painting was infectious as collectors gathered to peer over his shoulder at the evolving composition.  Asencio’s work is more than Realism. For him, it is the most accurate depiction imaginable, as he does not constrain himself to painting only what his eyes see, but the inner emotion his models may not even realize they harbor. He views every woman as exquisite in an incomparable way, making his masterpieces simply ravishing.


Evening Glow by Asencio, Original Oil on Board, 24″ x 18″

The exhibition, “Ravishing”, was an all-encompassing display of Asencio’s ability to embody the female spirit, bringing forth a variety of interpretations based upon his meditative articulation of each model’s personality and sensuality. At Exclusive Collections Gallery in Laguna Beach on December 14th and 15th, Henry Asencio unveiled new original paintings that surpassed collectors’ preconceptions. Whether he paints abstracted fully nudes such as in his original Evening Glow, subtle seduction as in Elegance, or confidence in evocative poses such as Goddess, Asencio elevates his subjects to unworldly stature, revealing a convergence of inner and outer beauty.

Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams by Asencio, Original Oil on Board, 22″ x 30″

Asencio’s exceptional talent and international acclaim makes acquiring one of his paintings or fine art limited editions a prestigious feat, yet Exclusive Collections Galleries is devoted to bringing everyone the opportunity to view these incredible works. If you were unable to attend this “Ravishing” exhibition, be sure you meet master artist Asencio and see what new masterpieces feminine beauty inspires him to create by attending his show next year!

7th Annual Miniature Show in San Diego

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Exclusive Collections Seaport Village Gallery held its 7th Annual Miniature Show on November 1-3, 2013, concluding the Miniature Show 2013 Tour which began in Las Vegas in March. Artists Henry Asencio, Steven Quartly, Daniel Ryan, Michael Summers, Michael Flohr, Gloria Lee, Christopher M., and Steve Barton attended, proudly displaying their minute masterpieces. This show is a favorite among collectors for the endearing association that comes with big things in small packages. Steve Barton took the cake for the littlest miniatures ever presented at the event with his intricate 2” x 2” beach compositions: Little Love and Little Palm. As Barton puts it, “I paint on anything. I’ve had some fun painting on mini surf boards and a paint brush.”

Each miniature work of art takes time and effort to execute. Just like any other original painting, these small scale paintings require the artist’s full skill set. Sometimes, the composition becomes more difficult in miniature, because these artists are not used to the minute proportions on which they must translate their talent. Artist Michael Flohr explained to collectors at the event, “Minis are fun to do. I like painting bigger, looser… Little ones take about as much as a size or two sizes bigger.”

Many collectors love to attend ECG’s Annual Miniature Show because they can collect multiple original paintings from more than one artist and see the evolution of an artist’s ideas. A smaller scale canvas presents artists with the opportunity to explore their artistic visions further, often trying new color palettes and subject matter, giving just a preview of what may be to come!

7th Annual Miniature Show

Artist Michael Summers has a special connection to ECG’s Miniature Show. He elaborates, “The first time that I got to exhibit in a gallery was actually the First Annual Miniature Show and it’s been my favorite show since. Not just because of the nostalgia and the sentimental value of this being where I first got to share my work with other people, but also because of the work. I love getting to see what all the artists are working on and in a smaller scale this is one of the few times you can have a show with this many pieces in one place and see this much work. It’s this fun kind of process where you get to experiment a little bit on this scale. You get to play, you get to kind of break out of your mold a little bit. I paint the Surrealist, whimsical pieces. I don’t know if everyone notices the differences as much as we notice the differences in our own work. But there’s this fun little interaction where you get to play with this work, this miniature painting.”

During the exhibition, each artist took the time to express their gratitude with their collectors and to share how their artistic philosophy has grown over the years. This annual show is a reminder of the gallery’s history with these painters. The gallery has seen their careers progress, and each miniature painting adds to their legacy.

Daniel Merriam, “A World Apart”

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Long ago – or rather the beginning of October – an artist unlike any other created his own world, “A World Apart.” Fantastical creatures and extraordinary characters play out their stories amongst elaborate scenery and monumental estates. Relying upon his architectural background, artistic talent and creative genius, Daniel Merriam’s ability to bring fantasy to life transports the viewer to a land all his own.

Lake House by Daniel Merriam, Gallery Exclusive Edition, 18 x 24 inches

Merriam draws inspiration from numerous sources such as the colonial and Victorian architecture of his hometown in Maine as well as his appreciation for different sectors of art whether it be sculpture, design, literature, or theater. Encouraging collectors to take a trip that their body cannot, Merriam invited the audience at his traveling exhibition on October 4-6 in San Diego, October 12-13 in Laguna Beach, and October 18-20 in Las Vegas. Having been compared to storytellers like Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton, Merriam’s work is a continuous narrative, each new piece elaborating upon his unique story. His merging of fantasy with reality is derived from a long tradition of theater and pantomime, leaving each painting a stage, each subject an actor. Each of his recognizable characters help the story unfold.

Ondine by Daniel Merriam, Gallery Exclusive Edition, 18 x 24 inches

Collectors enjoyed entering Merriam’s magical world by coming in costume, becoming actors themselves. Appetizers were served, fine wine delighted the palette, and a spontaneous classical performance by a family of violinists graced the EC Historic Gaslamp Gallery. The combination of music and art brought the audience alive. The young talented musicians, inspired by Merriam’s masterpieces, created a harmonious soundtrack to the performance nature of his paintings.

The Tease by Daniel Merriam, Fine Art Limited Edition, 24 x 24 inches

If you were unable to attend this journey to Merriam’s world, be sure to discover his latest fine art limited edition that was unveiled during the exhibition entitled The Tease. Exclusive Collections Galleries is also fortunate to have received Gallery Exclusive Limited Edition paintings of Merriam’s Ondine and Lake House. Be sure to stop by the gallery to see these chosen works of art as they are not available anywhere else! If you missed this year’s show, RSVP for Merriam’s show next year as soon as possible. We cannot wait to see what this amazingly talented artist will dream up!


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